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What to do at a Final Walkthrough

If you are purchasing a home and are very close to closing, you might be anticipating a final walkthrough. I recommend doing this 24-48 hours in advance because if there is a surprise, there is still time to address it. It is best to ensure these things are discussed well ahead of time so all parties are on the same page for expectations.

  • All junk is removed and house is thoroughly cleaned - check attics, storage sheds, cabinets, drawers, etc

  • There are no new marks or damages on the property

  • Any items that were in the non-realty items addendum or known to convey have been left at the property

  • Any manuals for related items are left behind

  • All keys are left at the property - any keys to sheds, gates, mailboxes, safes, access cards to amenities, remotes for fans and light fixtures

  • The location of the mailbox is known

  • The trash schedule is known

  • Garage door openers are left and you know the garage code and how to reset it

  • All utilities have been notified of the change in ownership for the set move in date

  • The plan for key transfer has been confirmed by all parties

  • The buyer has a return address or a way to get any mail to the previous owner if needed

Any great buyer AND sellers agent should work diligently throughout the purchase period to ensure this communication is taken care of for the purchaser, whether they are asked to or not. However, as an individual purchasing real estate and signing your name on the docs, it is ultimately up to you to sign the papers and know what you are getting into.

Looking for your next Central Texas property? Contact me today or email I am a Texas Realtor that services buyers, sellers, landlords, tenants, and investors.

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